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Water, Irrigation and Sanitation Consultancy

  • Water supply and wastewater transmission systems design.
  • Construction supervision.
  • Asset audit/renewal studies.
  • Irrigation works planning, design, construction supervision and management.
  • Capacity building services to national, district and community institutions in water, irrigation and sanitation planning and implementation.
  • Sanitation and Hygiene studies.

Water Consultancy References

  • Supervision of construction of Bwanje valley dam, a 40 metres high, 150m long dam with a storage capacity of 5.6 million m3 funded by the European Union under Green Belt Initiatives. 
  • Supply and installation of the equipment and associated construction of small civil works for modernizing hydrological and meteorological monitoring systems in the Shire river basin. 
  • Design of Water Reticulation System at Msipazi and Maturi Area in Mzimba, Malawi from July 2016 (on going).
  • Feasibility Study for the proposed Fufu Hydro Power Project for the Malawi Government, Ministry of Energy- Design Team Member from January 2015 ongoing
  • Detailed Design of Lower Diampwi Multi Purpose Dam for Lilongwe Water Board, funded by the World Bank as Design Team Member from Jan 2014 to Dec 2014
  • Development of Operation Instruments of Legal and Financial for 7 Water Users Associations funded by the Malawi Government and Australian Aid from July 2013 to December 2013.
  • Supervision of Construction Works for Balaka Water Supply Scheme for Southern Region funded by the World Bank which include: i) Drilling of new boreholes.; ii) laying of transmission line with a tentative total length of 6.6km, 200mm diameters PVC pipe; iii) construction of one storage reservoirs with 1500 m3 capacity; iv) laying of distribution pipelines with a total length of 23.987 km with pipe diameters ranging from 300 mm to 63mm PVC pipes; v) two pressure filter and 50 m3 elevated tank for backwashing and; vi) Auxiliary buildings. Completion October 2013.
  • Supervision of Construction Works for upgrading of Chileka water pumping station and Walker’s Ferry Intake and Treatment Works for Blantyre Water board. Completion August 2014.
  • Design of foundation for a 4,000m3 ground level steel water tank, design of reinforced concrete stand and foundations for 2No. 80m3 elevated tanks, and supervision of construction for Carlsberg Malawi Brewery Limited. Completion May 2013.
  • Detailed Engineering Design for the Proposed Augmentation of Ngozi Water Supply Scheme in Dedza and Salima for World Vision Malawi. Completion date is 06/2012.

Sanitation and Hygiene Consultancy References

  • Preparation of National 10 Year Sanitation and Hygiene Investment Plan and Strategy for Malawi. The project was funded by Malawi Government and The African Development Bank. The Client is The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development. Completion date is 04/2012
  • Development of Monitoring Tools on Blantyre Peri-Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project. The assignment was financed by Water for People and was completed in 04/2010.